"Ultimately, whenever the Frank Bambara Band plays, they generate an event, in the deepest sense of the word. They also pose a challenge to reject the passivity of television or movie theater and to engage in cultural practices that demand more than just spectators."

-New York City Magazine-

"Frank Bambara y sus Salseros are an institution in the Village music scene…Bambara and company cater to a growing number of music aficionados who know the real thing when they hear it."

-The Villager-

"Native New Yorker Frank Bambara is a mult-instrumentalist/banderleader who's been a part of the city's Village music scene for quite some time. This new recording features Bambara as a composer of six of nine selections in the CD, as well as the main percussionist playing congas, timbales, trap drums, vibraphone and keyboards. Favorites tracks include the title tracks "hay Una Fiesta!" with Bambara on the vibes. Mi Guaguaco and Descarga featuring and excellent timbale solo by Bambara."

-Latin Beat Magazine-

Timbalero/percussionist/vibist and piano player (whew) Frank Bambara leads an old school New York salsa band tinged with the son-seasoned throaty voice of Julian Llanos.
Original tracks by Mr. Bambara like the terrific "Mi Guaguancó," Ritmo Cubano," "Descarga," and the title track "Hay Una Fiesta!" are mixed with some sure-thing covers like, "Son De De Loma" and Rafael Hernandez' "Cachita."
This is a nice little project that deserves some attention. It's the kind of material and sound that used be play in New York's once thriving Latin music club scene.

-Descarga Magazine-